Price: $300

Seller: JENN
Province: Alberta
City: Calgary
Postal code: T1X 0L3
Type: Pets

Hello im looking for my husband dream dog a male boxer pup no older then 12 weeks and perferbly a male. After everything my husband has done for me I would love to be able to give him the gift of his dream dog but sadly we have 3 kids and im a stay home mom so we don't have alot of spare money and all I can afford to pay for a boxer is 300. We can provide a safe, forever, loving home were he will get the attention and care he deserves, he will never be locked up or caged and never ever be neglected and see a vet for regular check-ups. He will be taken for daily walks and taken to a dog park twice a week and have the companionship of our 4 month old male boxer mix who is very friendly and would love a playmate. So please if there's anyone out there who can help me make my husbands dream come true please contact me by email or by phone at 403-460-, thank you so much!! :)

Will not do shipping of puppy's, will only deal with owners in Calgary, Alberta Or close to Calgary area